International​ logistics​ simplified​ through​ superior​ service

At​ Cassandra​​ Logistics,​ we​ strive​ to make international shipping​ easier​ through our professional​ team & technology. Shipping​ doesn't​ have to be an outdated, difficult, and lengthy​ procedure.

Our easy to use & modern​ web app​ simplifies your shipping​ needs​ into​ a single dashboard​ where​ you​ can​ view​ your​ cargo and​ access​ all necessary​ shipping documents.​ This​ technology, combined​ with​ our​ dedicated​ and​ friendly​ customer service​ makes​ shipping​ with​ us​ a breeze. Let​ us​ handle​ your​ cargo​ today​ and see​ the​ difference​ yourself.

Our​ commitments​ to​ you

      1) We will​ always be​ open, honest, and​ transparent.
      2) We will​ always​ be​ on​ hand​ to​ guide​ you​ through​ the​ shipping​ process​ and​ make it​ as​ simple​ as​ possible.
      3) We value​ your​ cargo​ and​ will​ treat​ it​ with​ care​ and​ respect.
      4) We will​ always​ be​ prompt​ with​ delivering​ your​ cargo​ and​ will​ respond​ quickly​ to your​ inquiries.
      5) We will​ always​ provide​ you​ a price​ that​ suits​ your​ need.